We’ve got another good reason to get stuck into our exercises and stay motivated: Colour Me Rad.

That’s  right! A 5k exploding with colour and worth all the effort. Being held in Glasgow Green on the 28th of June 2015, Colour Me Rad is inspired by, and loosley based on, the Hindu Fessival and will welcome more people into its vibrant event,  bringing everyone together in a powdered rainbow hue. We’re letting you know what to expect from the run and give you 14 tips to help you enjoy every bright shade of it.

Arriving at the run is like arriving to any other, but if you’ve never been to any before then here’s the low down. You’ll be greeted with music, people trickling their way towards the beat in their exercise getup and/or colourful tutus and  costumes. Once you get closer you’ll see the merchandise tents and a chance to buy bags of coloured powder too. And then you’ll see the stage. This is where the music, inspirational words and warmup instructions are coming from. This is where you’ll see your starting point and the finishing line too. And this, depending on when you arrive, is where you’ll see those who have finished before you and I bet you can’t wait to start when you do.

I took part in Colour Me Rad last year in 2014 and have never taken part in it from Glasgow Green, but this year looks great. Here’s a map to show you the route:

Every colourful cloud on this map is when you run into a smoke bomb of yellow, orange, purple and so on. You’ll  get pelted by strangers who, after the first throw, will become your colourful companions as well as the Colour Me Rad volunteers called the Colour Bomb Squad and by your very own friends. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in. Also, if you fancy volunteering then look HERE.If you don’t throw yourself into the mess of colour then you won’t get a bit of powder on you and you’ll be a boring, plain canvas. So here’s some tips you’ll need to enjoy Colour Me Rad (or loosely for any other colour based runs you may be a part of):

1. Register HERE at Colour Me Rad website for the run in Glasgow before you do anything else. It’s selling out fast so hurry. I know it says the cost to register is £20 but by the time they add on any extras it’ll be a bit more. This run is a for-profit event but each city it’s held in has a local charity partner which receives a portion of the proceeds. They also provide extra donation opportunities and aim to promote the charity too.

2. You’ll recieve sunglasses, a RAD stick-on tattoo and a T-Shirt for joining. Don’t worry if you don’t register on time to get it delivered, you should be able to pick it up. See their frequently asked questions for a little help if needed. I can not stress enough how import the sunglasses are. They will get messy and you’ll need to clean them a lot, but it’s better than your eyes.

3. Don’t wear the top they give you for registering. Instead, wear a white top for the run as it’ll pick up the colours better and look awesome as you finish. See?


4. You’ll need to dive into those colour clouds when they start because if you finish without one of the colours on you, you’ll be more disappointed than expected. So run, jump and dance into them and grab as much colour as you can get your hands on. Also, at the end they usually throw you extra bags of colour just before the finishing line. Here, you can also get the blue powder, stay in line and grab what you can!

5. If one of the boxes holding the colour in them gets picked up, then enjoy the bright shower that comes after. Go with it and if possible, grab that box yourself and throw it everywhere!




6. Don’t be shy or selfish with the colour, it’s for everyone. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know most of those around you…share the rainbow.

7. Yes, it’ll be a bit annoying to breath at times so you’ll cough, but that’s about it. No, it’s not going to hurt you. The colour is Kroger branded,non-toxic, non-rash-inducing, coloured corn-starch and it’s gluten free too. Although, be prepared: the week after the run you will blow your nose and find a snotty rainbow. Just saying.

8. When you see one of the Colour Bomb Squad members holding a squirty looking gun thing –  shut your mouth. Trust me, they are about to spray you with coloured water, ours was green, and this tastes pretty bad but not the worst, yet it’s one of the hardest colours to get off your skin, let alone your teeth.

9. Bring a see-through zip bag for your phone/camera if you’re taking it. You do not want the powder messing/staining your gadgets. Again, the powder is easy to come off of your skin, but it’s like sand, it gets everywhere. Don’t ruin your electronics by being careless and don’t forget a bag because you’ll miss out on those great pictures.

10. Bring more bags for your car.That’s right, your car will get really messy if you don’t. Take my fashionable tip in this picture:

11. And if you’re walking home? Smile and wave. Smile and wave: you’re a picture of bright wonder to those who haven’t got a Scoobie about what’s going on.


12. It’s probably best that you have someone there with you who is nottaking part in the run. They can hold all your stuff as you’re having fun, take pictures of said fun and then be spoiled after it for helping you. To be honest though, they won’t be able to stop having any fun themselves anyway.

13. Take lots of water and drink it. Use it to get the powder out your mouth as well because it gets a bit more dry, so adding some lemon etc to it may help a bit too.

14. If you want to preserve the colour on the t-shirt for a souvenir then you can spary it with vinegar and iron it before washing. Let the vinegar dry before you wash it and even put a few coats on (the colour may run regardless so be prepared). You can use a spray bottle to apply the vinegar and it’s best to do this outside. Repeat this  process before washing to make sure the colour stays in as much as possible (even if it takes a few days). Remember to always wash your top inside out after ironing it and always on a cold, short cycle. Again, repeat the process but add a small amount of detergent for the last wash.

Why you decide to take part in this race – to raise money for charity, to keep your fitness up, to have fun or a combination of all of these – is entirely up to you. But having taken part in it before, I have to admit, it’s a swirl of energy summed up in the laughing and colourful hue encompassing the place from those taking part. It embraces and allows everyone to join, with kids under 7 allowed for free with a paying adult, without the pressure of other races as you can walk it or even dance it if you like.

But no matter what, just enjoy it. Skip into the colour clouds of each stage and celebrate how far you’ve come, until you finish in a colourstorm of triumph with your friends and everyone else there. You did it. Then it’s time to party.


Judith Lodwick


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