Sitting in her paint-stained pyjamas, tea in one hand, spray paint in the other, Star-Wars loving artist Annmarie ‘Devo’ Devlin is not your usual painter. 32 year old, Glasgow based Devo is passionate about comic book art, graffiti and all things cool, preferring to paint in bright, popping colours, using them to bring her comic book characters to life on the canvas. After viewing some of her work, we were eager to find out more about this very talented lady.

When did you first discover your passion for art?

Pretty sure it was in primary school, don’t know when exactly but I remember the other kids making me draw stuff for them.

Your love of graffiti and comic-book style art really comes through in your work. Have you always stuck to this style of painting or have you experimented with other styles in the past?

I’ve experimented with a few styles but never really found what I was most comfortable with ‘til recently. I’m not that dainty with paintbrush detailing so I bypassed that pretty quickly. I’m still experimenting though, that never stops.

Has painting been a lifelong passion of yours, or isit something you discovered later?

Creating things has always been a passion. For a few years though, in my twenties, I didn’t do anything. Like, nothing. Got caught up in the rat race. Then I remembered I didn’t actually care about anything remotely corporate and my focus went back to what I knew I truly loved.

That’s really inspiring. From where or whom do you draw your own inspiration? Do you have any main influences on your work?

I’ve got everything from daily to lifelong influences. I’m constantly looking at what’s out there. My wee head is full of ideas and a lot of them come from those who inspire me. Street Art/Graffiti has been one of my biggest inspirations.  Ever since I was a wee Devo it has amazed me, that and Comic Book art. Like wow. There’s so many outstanding artists in both genres I’d be here all day naming them! I’m into loads of stuff though, typography, graphic design, illustration. Anything with colour that pops and is fun.

How does it feel to have received such a positive response to your work? Could the ‘wee Devo’ ever have imagined that she would get such a great online following?

The response has simply been overwhelming. I remember setting up my Facebook page and getting 30 likes. I was jumping for joy. 30 people liked my art! They were friends of course but still! When I hit the 1k mark in under a year my mind was blown. It makes it all worthwhile. Folk are lovely too. Commenting and sharing my work for no reason apart from that they enjoy it…crazy. I look at every single share, comment and like. So no, I definitely had no idea my following would grow that quickly or even at all!

Moving onto your work itself, what is your favourite medium to work with?

Spray paint is my true love but I’m still very much a learner with it though. It is, however, hands down my favourite medium to use. I fell in love with its instant burst of colour pretty quickly.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

My advice is, just do what you do, do it well, explore your style and enjoy it. Everybody wants everything too quickly these days, so give it time. Yeah, do your best to make things happen but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t as quickly as you’d like it.

Could you share a few of your dreams and aspirations for the New Year?

Next year I hope that I can go full time & concentrate on growing my own wee colourful take on the world.  I want to explore more ways of my art getting out there, possibly through t-shirt design, phone cases etc. I also really want to get my studio sorted. There’s a spare room in my flat that’s well overdue a revamp! Any help with that is very appreciated!

Finally, we just have to ask you: who is your favourite comic-book character to work with and why? Is there a particular character that you just love to work with?

The Hulk is and always will be my favourite. He’s just so loveable albeit awfy destructive and very, very angry. There’s always an excitement when painting him, cos it’s pretty much guaranteed to pop without even trying. Plus I’d love to get a hug off him.

Devo is currently working on her very own website, but until then all her latest news and work can be found on Facebook: DEVO ART


Nikki Marshall

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