Christmas Calligraphy

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As we are fast approaching Christmas, it seems the perfect time for us to share some of the skills and projects we are working on to give you some ideas to make this Christmas unique to you. And one of these is calligraphy; a skill that takes time and practice to master, but we’ve found a few quick and easy ways to (dare I say it) cheat your way into making pretty works of art, especially for your last minute Christmas cards, tags and/or present decorations.

Parchment paper, quills, calligraphy *swoon*. There are few things that can get a writer/book lover’s heart racing like the elegant curves and rhythmic strokes of well written calligraphy – it’s just beyond words. This art form that has become a symbol for civilisations and cultures throughout history – from handwritten Bibles by the Romans, to the disciplinary art form of Ancient China to the ornate Islamic calligraphy inspired by the Quran – is one that is still practised today. Even in the age of computers and digital printing receiving a handwritten calligraphy card is priceless.

So, here are a few helpful tips from different sites we found:


calligraphy1This incredibly easy tip, shown by Jones Design Company, just made calligraphy doable for everyone. Simply follow the step by step visual instructions, and your writing will be instantly transformed.

And the best part is, you don’t need any fancy pens, just a regular fine tip is all it takes!


calligraphy2Another quick way to ‘fake’ calligraphy: I Try DIY gives you a speedy yet thorough guide in jazzing up your writing. Follow through the few short steps, and within a short space of time, your writing will be Christmas card and tags ready!




Take a look at this faux calligraphy guide to get your fingers tingling. A few short strokes, a bit of filling in, and your favourite ink pen is the key to amazing works of art.
Once you’ve learned the basics, enjoy creating fabulous deigns that will take your Christmas to the next level.



We’d love to see your designs and calligraphic works of art! Share your amazing pictures and fabulous creations with us on our Facebook and Twitter with #sparkedxmas.

We are also beginning to focus on handmade crafts and DIY projects that kindle our creativity, and hopefully inspire you to do the same. Keep a look out!

By Iraj Waqar




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