DIY Christmas Gifts

Here we show you our favourite DIY presents, perfect for last minute add ins, inspiration or just a more personalised gift for that special someone in your life for Christmas:

1. Sharpie Decorated Mugs


Where to findDont Mind If I Do – the steps are easy to follow and the design is entirely up to you.

Design: Above are our own, one says: A Cup Full Of Love. We also decorated the saucer with ‘Sit And Think About The Little Things That Make You Smile’. The other is designed with the words ‘Snuggle Up’ on the cup and the saying ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’, with more snowflakes of course. I was tempted to write WINTER IS COMING on the mug and then WINTER IS HERE on the saucer with swords amongst the snowflakes but then realised my Secret Santa, who was getting the gift, didn’t read/watch Game Of Thrones. Gutted! So remember who the mug is for and design accordingly.

Inspiration: Pink Heels Pink Truck give us 50 of the best quotes to add to your mugs. Our favourites?

  • A Yawn Is A Silent Scream For Coffee
  • Drink Tea. Read Books. Be Cosy
  • I Don’t Like Morning People. Or Mornings. Or People.

Bet you know someone who fits at least one of these quotes!

Don’t like the quote idea? Try adding images only, like a comic book style squared design, like or floral decoration and bold lines like Dont Mind If I Do.

Not sure on sharpies? Then try out chalk paint, shown by Pretty Handy Girl and gift it along with a stick of chalk (ideal when giving two mugs to someone so that they can use it with company). Also, try Koees‘ idea for watercolours for a different effect.

Time: 24h hours. You need to let the ink dry so it’s suggested to leave it till the next day once you design it. Plus you may need to practice your design and then actually do it.

Tips: Use a pencil first on the mug before using the sharpie, this helped us. Also, you can make and print off stencils, which might help.

Another thing, put the mug and saucer in the oven before heating it up and only take it out once the cooker has cooled down. Just leave it in for a bit to ensure it doesn’t crack due to sudden temperature change.

Add a little gift tag stating that your gift is hand decorated and to hand wash only, as it is delicate. Last thing you want is for your design to rub off when the person you gift it to sticks it in the dish washer!


2. Arm Knitted Scarf


Where to find: Cute DIY Projects. I hear you: how can you knit with your arms!?! Well, actually, this is pretty easy and whoever you give it to will be well impressed.

Design: Colour is entirely up to you as well as how thick. You can use one type of wool, in thickness and colour, to create the above design by Cute DIY Projects. Or you can add in several types to bulk it up – especially if you’re using thinner wool. You can always use a combination, some thicker than others, as well as in various colours too. Just remember to use colours that work well together.

Time: Don’t be fooled, 30 minutes is not enough time to do one of these scarves on your first attempt. The more you get into it, the faster you get because you get into a rhythm of sorts. But you are still learning and mistakes are easy to make. Take your time. Eventually you’ll be spitting them out in half an hour like it states. But saying that, it’ll take 2 hours at the most your fist time, which is actually pretty good for a last minute present! (that’s me adding on extra time too, especially if you’re watching a video to help you because with your two hands tied, you might get a bit stuck playing it back and forth, and you may also need to backtrack to fix a mistake). It’s your first attempt after all. So just take your time.

Tips: If you use thinner wool then don’t be scared at the net look that occurs. It will have more space between it but actually comes out quite well. See


Look at Fiber Flux’s video too! You’ll get different techniques and you may find it a bit easier to follow (this was true for us on certain aspects, such as the diamond shape you create with your hands during the process).

If using different colours of wool, more than 4 say, make sure you have every strand as you complete a loop. Last thing you want to do is realise, seven arm loops in, that you’ve missed a colourful thread. You’ll need to backtrack or face a tangled mess that will make you tangle it even more, give up and then waste all that wool to start again…then you might not have enough wool for the second attempt and that’ll just put you off altogether.

Also…add in glittery wool to give a bit of sparkle to your design!


3: Filled Baubles/Lights


Where to find: The Partiologist – Bringing a DIY aspect into the life of the gift reciever. Each bauble/light you give them holds one of the ingredients to create cookies – or whatever easy desert you want them to create. As an added bonus you could make some before and have them inside the cracker shaped instructions as an added push for them to make more once they are all done!

Inspiration: look at jar filled ingredients on Pinterest as a way to get other ideas of what you can add in the baubles/lights, since really you are doing the same thing, only using a different way to store it. Like the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe by Made With Pink or the Mug Cake by I Am Baker (You could add the Sharpie Decorated Mugs to this gift also – imagine if you put the mug cake in the baubles with a higher styled DIY designed mug…it would be awesome.)

Don’t like the baking ingredients? Put a drink mix in them instead! Add hot chocolate, powdered milk and marshmallows (and tiny chocolate snowflakes if you can find them) like The Bare Faced Chic. You can also store them in seperate baubles to give them more. It’s entirely up to you.

If you fancy adding a little extra to them too, you can give the baubles away with a miniture bottle of alcohol. Buzzfeed give you 21 ideas for boozy drinks to keep you warm. For example, you can use the recipe for bourbon-spiked white hot chocolate by Minimalist Baker for your baubles. Add in the dry ingredients to the baubles but put the rest in a box along with them (like the whipped cream…you’re not going to skoosh cream inside a bauble are you?) It’ll encorporate the box idea of the Christmas Lights seen above.

Tips: Don’t forget to add in the instructions. It’s easy to do. You could even get a few and put them together for a few ideas for them (or even get a book? Extra present right there!)

If adding extra ingredients with the baubles, like miniture alcohol, then use string to make a loop around it so it becomes a little bauble in its self.

Time: Other than getting the ingredients together, it won’t take long at all!  If you’re adding decoration to the box or baubles themselves then expect a few hours, if even.



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