Go-Slow Diet Resolutions

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As soon as the New Year hit, people began thinking up resolutions and one of them is more than likely a decision to do with their diet: eat less crappy foods and start eating fruit and veg. But usually it’s easier said than done.

This decision normally leads to a change in their routines too quickly and cutting all the best tasting (yet terribly unhealthy) food they’ve been eating (all of December mind you) out of their lives as if going cold turkey. This will then lead to a wagon “fall off” and they’ll feel bad about themselves and denounce, once again, fatty/crappy foods and sweets. A cycle emerges.
Now, I don’t know about you but I’d rather have a bit of chocolate during a day were my meals were portioned correctly and filled with a mixture of healthy foods than abstain completely. That way I still get to enjoy the “bad” food in moderation instead of feeling like I’ve failed when I “give in”.
It’s all to do with balance. Eat the right food regularly while decreasing your intake of the most fatty and sugary foods will eventually allow you to forget you used/had it every day in the first place – like cheese! That’s my downfall completely and one I will probably struggle to give up. So I’ll find a healthier alternative instead so that I don’t have to; Good To Know has helped me come to a conclusion with their investigation into what the best and worst cheeses are for your diet. You can do the same with the foods you’ll find hard to reduce. Doesn’t mean you’ll have to stick to this all the time, you can have your favourite food if you want it, but in moderation, and the same goes with your alternatives.
Here’s some recipes, for example, that’ll help you eat a healthy alternative from deserts:

cheatschocolateoranges2Also, I know a few people that have exams soon so a few of these may keep you fuelled and energised for that study session you’ve got planned, plus you won’t feel bad eating them since they’re your healthier treat choice. I used to reward myself a Malteser chocolate everytime I finished a chapter of studying…well a whole packet but you get the jist. With these you’ll feel much better and guilt free!

By incorporating healthy ingredients Chelsea has managed to produce cookies that are less sinful that the usual batch. They include oat flour instead of flour (whizzed up oats basically until they are powder), dark chocolate and coconut oil (which is a much healthier fat choice and has many benefits).
She rates how good they are by how many her family leaves at the end of the day, which was none. So that must be good!
index                                                 index

So, you’re looking at this photo like…HEALTHY brownies???? Nah! But, actually, Katie has done a great job. They include tofu. Keep reading I swear they’re worth trying!
 Other ingredients include coconut oil and unsweetened coco powder. You need to leave them overnight and you can vary how fudgy you like them by changing the cooking times. Worth a try for sure!


Picture by Dwayne Johnston

That’s the key: don’t deprive yourself of your favourite foods, just have them in moderation and add in alternatives. Even Dwayne Johnston has a time for eating the foods he loves (yet aren’t the best for him).
To be fair though, this picture he shared to his fans shows him on a cheat day and he can eat all of that because he can burn it off throughout his week. I wouldn’t recommend having a full cheat day as it’s easy to over indulge just for the sake of it because”you can”. A cheat snack every day instead of a full cheat day benefits your relationship with food and helps you a lot as you continue.
Adding more fruit and  vegetables into your diet is also something that might stick in people’s throats (not literally I mean). So if your idea of this is a huge plate of nothing but raw vegetables from now on (and God forbid there’s no cheese!) then you’re looking at it all the wrong way. Start at the beginning again, ease yourself into it. When making a curry, for example, try adding in different or more vegetables than you normally would or, when making/buying chips try sweet potato ones instead. Eventually you’ll add a little more and maybe start having complete vegetarian meals later on and you’ll eventually, again, do it without missing anything you normally would. Have a look at our Vegetable Curry Recipe as an example.
Have a balance throughout your week so that when you do have a night were all you want is your favourite “unhealthy” food, then go for it. Why not. Tomorrow will be another day of your healthy lifestyle and since you cut down on your favourite “unhealthy” food choices and added alternatives then you’ll enjoy it much better when you do have what you want because it’ll be a treat. Plus, you only live once right? So enjoy!

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