Winter Beauty Tips

By Pavan Poonia –
Strong winds, excessive central heating and icy temperatures suck the life right out of your skin and hair so pour moisture and some TLC back into your body this winter.

We hear it all the time but do we actually do it? Invest in a good quality face cream this season designed for your skin type and use daily, especially before bed. Not only does it promote hydration and skin cell regeneration but is essential for skin repair. This counts for hands and feet too, slather on a rich body cream for these areas to combat dryness.

Water, Water, Water
Marie Claire recommends, on top of getting your 8 glasses a day, to add in herbal teas and plenty of clear soups and vegetables; uptake your vitamins and minerals which will shine through your skin for a fresh look into Summer.

Dead skin cells form on top of the skin quickly and, if not removed, results in a dull, flaky complexion. Not a good look. Shift these for fresh new skin with a cream based exfoliater. Use 2-3 times a week after cleansing to reveal softer, smoother skin. Exfoliating is excellent prior to tanning too as it prolongs your tan and avoids flaky patches on the skin – perfect for all your parties this season!

Intensive Treatments
Treat your locks to a luxurious hair mask once a week, check out our favourites here or why not make one at home. Honey, avocado with egg yolk is perfect for dry and damaged hair. For mega shine apply plain yoghurt from root to tip for 20 minutes and rinse. Hello luminous silky hair!

Avoid Hot Showers
These have a habit of stripping the skin’s natural oils. Go for a lukewarm temperature and always treat your skin to a rich layer of body cream after. Body oils are a luxurious treatment, choose a scented one and discover a lovely sheen on the legs. Massage into the body and enjoy silky smooth skin.

Face Masks
Theses inject radiance into your skin with a face mask, applied once a week can give your skin a real boost of hydration, look for ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil, these are excellent at nourishing your skin. We recommend these great face masks this month.


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