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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and Lovely Layla Designs has the card that’ll get you noticed and, perhaps, shock (in a good way) the one you love by ‘printing what you’re thinking’!

I fell in love with Love Layla Designs at Father’s Day last year when I noticed one of my friends posting a very special card they were planning on giving to their own Dad…it read:


I had to see the rest of their collection. As I laughed I discovered them all – from Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Pregnancy & New Baby, Cancer (yup! they have cards that support the  Candle Lighters – the children’s cancer charity based in Yorkshire) the list goes on! I wasn’t disappointed and I can say neither were any of my friends and family who recieved them.

With a tongue-in-cheek delivery, you’ll definitely be the stand out card giver this year with your boldness to chose a card that just tells it how it is. Examples:

So, without futher ado, here is Stacey Dennis answering some questions about Love Layla Designs and their cheeky and to-the-point cards.

 We’d love to know more about you and the new card designs being launched,  so, first off, could you tell us about the Love Layla Design team?

We are a family run business based in West Yorkshire designing and producing unique Greetings cards with a tongue in cheek humour.
Our cards are aimed to spread smiles and create laughter for the good humoured.

In your ‘About Us’ section,  you mention having 8 years of professional experience in the design industry.  Could you tell us more about this journey and how Love Layla Designs began?

As a Graphic Designer, I have 8 years experience designing around the world and for various sized companies – working alongside Print shops to combine the full Graphic Design and Print experience. I trained at Leeds College of Art & Design for 2 years, progressing onto Leeds Metropolitan University where I studied Design for 3 years. Working for a few years within the UK, I then travelled and worked with various companies designing and printing in Australia to returning to the UK after 2 years. After a few more years working for a popular Print and Design business and managing one of their stores – I then setup Love Layla Designs as a freelance business. Greetings cards were launched with unique, cheeky sentiments and Love Layla was developed into Greetings Cards designed and produced.
Phew – as quickly as that!

What other services do you offer other than the card designs available?

We do offer, were possible, personalised bespoke cards for our customers to create their own individual twist if they prefer. Although we use a similar style when designing them to our own cards – we tend to avoid photographs when possible. Other than that – we can offer Graphic Design services when and if possible – we are fully booked at the moment but there are always gaps in the diary which we like to keep jam packed.

If someone decided to use your bespoke service,  what would the process be?

The bespoke service is literally a place to contact us for the personalised card service – as for the design side of things, we like to keep that more on a personal level and individual to each client. They all have different needs and requirements to which we like to discuss with them and work out what will work for their design needs.
As for the personalised bespoke cards – simply send us a message requesting what you would like then purchase the bespoke option, we do get very busy with the personalised option especially at peak times such as Mother’s or Father’s Day – we are sometimes unable to offer them due to the large demand.

Now, on to the cards you offer on your website shop. Can you share some of the new range?

We are always launching new cards – we tend to do this on a monthly basis – as for what’s up next, Valentine’s day is approaching, we have lot’s more Birthday cards too and a new range of ‘Words of Wisdom’ which may be spotted shortly.

We’ve been redesigning our own website with a Web designer and have realised just how important colour is in the process. Could you tell us how it is important to you?

When designing – colour is very important – ultimately, it can be viewed very differently on screen to in print – this is always a tricky one when colours have to be precise.
Ideally, colour values are always useful – but sometimes the client doesn’t always have access to these. We do advise on the different effects colour can have when printed on different types of paper stock – this can differ too due to how it reacts on top of the paper.

What’s your most colourful card you offer?

Colourful – as in bad language or colour!?! Well, we do have a few options that are colourful in language – to which ‘wanker’ is amongst them – as for bright and colourful – we do have a baby Girl or Boy options that are nice and bright. Also mentioning the word ‘Vagina’ which cracks people up.

We think your designs and card messages are hilariously to the point, tongue in cheek, quirky and some from a point of view many wouldn’t think of. All of this just makes them stand out. But we want to know is: what inspires these designs and messages?

We do, however, like to be known for being well humoured as opposed to down right offensive. That’s not our aim to offend anyone – but we honestly use everyday situations and what we would really like to say at those particular times. A lot of what we use is from our own experiences and what we’ve said or say. Designing them and coming up with the phrases is the best part of the process. Always good fun, aside from the designing of course.

What are your favourite cards from what’s available too?

For my favourites out of the cards? I do like some of the more obscure ones – the ones that appeal to me the most –  and always crack a laugh even after the event time –  are the original Valentine’s selection – the ‘I Love you & your dick’ always gets me and the simple “In Dog Years… you’re dead”. Some would say brutal – but to the point!

Altogether, why should people consider Love Layla Designs for their card needs and bespoke option available?

We are friendly, approachable and honest – we don’t like to let anyone down (hence the jam packed diary!) and we always work to the customer’s requirements. Our designs are created from scratch, we are unique in our approach to the greetings card market – but we also appreciate and value our customers. We want to make them smile and return to us – we appreciate good customer service when we make purchases so we ensure we offer that to every one of our clients or customers. We are also very good at what we do – but not modest.

Thanks for having us Sparked – it’s been a pleasure.


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