And we’re live!

After  months of blood, sweat, tears  (and colour charts) we are SO EXCITED to post this. We’re finally up and running with our amazing new site design.

There are two amazing people we need to thank, without whom we’d definitely not be here today. Sometimes they had to hold our hands, sometimes they had to drag us kicking and screaming – either way we owe them a lifetime of gratitude.

All our illustrations are done by Clare Forrest. She took ideas that were in our heads and made them beautiful, bold and totally unique to us. We’re so in love with pretty much everything she does it was hard to narrow it down to one look.

Our site design is done by Sha Nazir. Sha got us when we said ridiculous things like “we want it to be …more blue, but less like that blue”. He does a whole host of creative stuff, so we felt lucky to be part of his world for a short while.

We wanted Sparked to feel personal to us: creative, bold with a bit of fun. Enjoy our new site and, if you love it, share us on social media.


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